Thursday, 4 August 2011


Weclome to the TRUE LOVE Blog!

We are MA filmmakers at Goldsmiths University of London and 'True Love' is our final major project which is filming in October 2011.

A young man, Adam - whose long term relationship with his girlfriend is in trouble, meets an old man in a pub. Adam suspects his girlfriend, Claire, is having an affair. In an effort to console him, the old man tells Adam a story about true love. The story's moral is that true love is best preserved while the relationship is still pure and good. He advises Adam that the only way to preserve his true love, to save his relationship before bad things settle in, is to kill his girlfriend...


True Love is a dark and provocative psychological thriller about immortalizing love, in which high stakes crash towards a shocking and unexpected finale. Think 'Twin Peaks' meets 'Wild Things,' with a dash of Hard Candy. It was originally a short story by writer and novelist Alex Barber, from whom we successfully optioned it to adapt into a short film
. The script was developed with the support of Alex as well industry professionals.

To be shot on the Red One camera around London, the visuals of True Love intend to mix film noir with what is known as cinema du look and visceral sound design. We've assembled a strong team of filmmakers and designers who are collaborating together on this project.

Preproduction started in March 2011. Our script is locked and we've been busy finding locations, deals, and equipment. Casting begins on Monday the 8th.

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